Near Pueblo West, Colorado

November 28th & December 1st 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: The first time was 1-2 miles west of Pueblo West off of highway 50, Colorado. United States. The second time was about 8-10 miles west of pueblo west, off of Highway 50. I was parked on the turn off to "Stone City", in Colorado in the United States

Date: I saw it twice around the same time.
The first was Tuesday Nov. 28 2005 around 6:15 PM Mountain time.
The second time was on Thursday Dec. 01 2005 around the interval of 6:05 PM- to 6:20PM Mountain Time.

Approach Direction: It did not approach either times it just appeared for about 20 seconds and completely vanished. I guess both times it was about North East from the center of Pueblo.

Departure Direction: There was no direction.

Witness Direction: First night (tuesday) I was leaving school (CSU-Pueblo) I was facing towards the West heading West on Highway 50.
The second night(Thursday) I had turned on "Stone City" road which I was facing North but I was looking East. It was directly above me.

Description: The first night I saw it I had left school a little late, around 5:30 Pm. I live in Canon City so I commute about 45 minutes to school one way. I was driving West bound on Highway 50. I was only a few miles away from the campus and from a distance I could see what appeared to be a flare in the sky, towards the west mountains that outlined the outskirts of Pueblo West.(Pueblo west is a name of a small town. So not to be confused.) Kind of towards Turkey Creek. It was orange it looked like a firework but it vanished in the same spot it appeared at. It didn't shoot up in the sky then fall. It just appeared then disappeared.

I was a little bit closer towards Pueblo West. Maybe I had drove about another 15-20 minutes through traffic still heading West bound. Again I saw the Flare in the sky. It seemed to be in the same location as before. I always look for these kind of things because I know it is cold around this time of year and it is hunting season so it could be a hunter lost or kids with leftover fireworks. That's what I passed it off as at first.

Then when I was about 1-2 miles west of Pueblo West going towards Canon City, I noticed to the left of me(north) that in the sky there was 3 orange lights hovering about 5-6 stories above the ground. It was lower than the radio tower that was near by and no, I'm sure it was not the radio tower. It stood above the ground for about 10 second then it was gone. It did not move forward backward up down. But then again I was driving west going about 55 miles per hour.

It looked like that one robot from short circuit. Have you seen that movie? He has a horizontally long rectangular face with two eyes centered evenly in the rectangle. It looked like that but the light was the only prominent feature so it was like a silhouette of that face in the background, basically a rectangle.

Behind the rectangle you could see another orange circle but it was partially hidden by the silhouette. The orange lights almost looked light flames so maybe it was a jet? I'm not sure but it was there for only a little bit. When the lights appeared they looked like a curtain was being lifted to expose them. When they vanished, it just vanished. It was gone. It was also a clear night so I did not see the silhouette anywhere else in the sky after it disappeared. I also pulled over right after I saw it. Still I did not see anything. I was there for about 20 minutes then left.

The next time I saw it I had got off school a little late again so I figured that since I was late anyways I might as well pull over where I had seen the sighting the first time. Well there wasn't a place I felt comfortable to pull over at because there was oncoming traffic and there was already 2 or 3 vehicles already pulled over in that location. So I decided to keep driving till I saw another place I could actually turn off on. I saw the Stone City turn off. I pulled over on the side of that road and waited. While I was waiting I decided to call my sister and tell her about what had happened the night previously. This time I brought a 35 mm disposable camera with me, I know it isn't anything extravigant, but I thought if it was as close as it was before I could at least get a dot to show up in the photos. I was looking in the sky and talking to my sister and I noticed two jets in the sky. They had blue blinking lights and they were flying around in circles, no particular pattern, right above me. I told my sister what I was seeing and she had told me to take a picture of the jets. As I was about to take a picture a bright light was appearing in front of the camera up in the sky. It was the same color from the night before. It was maybe twice as high as before and it was maybe 2-3 times bigger than the jets in proportion to the lights of the jets and the lights of the object itself. The lights were in triangular formation. I did not see any silhouette this time. It slowly appeared. Probably about 3-5 seconds to be at it's maximum intensity. Then it faded, which took about the same amount of time. After it was gone the jets that had been circling for a while took off in the north direction. I also know that off in the north direction that they flew there is a military base called Fort Carson, Turkey creek (which is where I really close to)is also that way which is also owned by the military. I don't know if that helps or disproves anything. I waited a little bit longer about 10-15 minutes and decided to leave when I saw a few vehicles coming down the road (South bound) on Stone City road. I did take a picture though of the thing in the air. I have not developed it yet. I don't know if anything will show up because it was only a 35 mm camera. But when I do get it developed I will let you know.

I also talked to someone else at school who had left around the same time I did, and said he saw something almost the identical thing to what I saw at the same time but around the campus at school. (Colorado State University- Pueblo, Colorado, United States.)

Color/Shape: triangular, flame looking lights. There were three of them. A better description is provided in the description of the sighting.

Height & Speed: 5 stories high. It was static not kinetic.

TV/Radio/Press: It was not printed in the press to my knowledge but the second night when I saw it, there were quite a few cars pulled over in the location of the first sighting.


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