Great Falls & Manchester, Montana

December 2005

Great Falls & Manchester, Montana Unusual Lights

Date: December 2005
Time: Evening

The Second time for me was December of 2005. I cannot tell you the actual shape of the objects because of where they hovered. (I will get to that)

This sighting was located on the Vaughn Frontage road Between Great Falls and Manchester (located 3 miles west of GF) A friend and I were traveling to Mary's Midway a bar located in Manchester, he was chatting on his cell phone so as the passenger I decided to look out the window. I know the area well, so just because it was dark does not mean I do not know what is out there. Please know that when you leave city limits in Montana there is no light, just the glow of the electric city located at the moment, to the rear of the truck which is east. As I was the passenger I was looking to the North at the moment of the occurrence.

That being said, to the north I witnessed fast moving plane like lights, only in white and a seafoam green color moving much faster then a jet from the ANG would be moving, only the lights were visible. To the Northwest there was what appeared to be a storm front moving in. These lights would appear seemingly out of nowhere, traveling at a low height horizontal to the horizon moving from north to northwest, where behind the low clouds of the front. The light would diffuse a bit but not disappear and seemed to settle behind them hovering for approx 7-10 seconds, this occurred 2 times, My friend witnessing the second set of lights.

I was not in a hurry to tell anyone but my friend. I told the couple we were meeting about it, this couple traveled from North of Vaughn approx 2 miles from Manchester. The lady turned white when he told her the story, later she said that on their drive to Mary's her husband and her were almost run off the road by bright lights traveling low and quickly across the road in front of them.

So that's my sightings, I feel like a fool, but oh well. Is there any other reports from this area? I know about the cattle mutilations from the 70's who here doesn't but are sightings frequent in this locale? Or am I losing it?

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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