Phoenix, Arizona

December 24th 2005

Phoenix, Arizona - The Phoenix Lights Returned

Date: December 24th 2005
Time: 6:25pm - 6:45pm

The Phoenix Lights returned just in time for Christmas. I was at my parent's house for Christmas Eve sitting in the backyard talking with family and friends when I noticed one brilliant light stationary in the sky. Then another one popped up right above it and they both hovered there for about 5 minutes before moving slowly to the East out of sight. I thought this might be airplanes but there were many planes in the sky with flashing lights, not matching the intensity or color of the 2 non-flashing lights videotaped. The lights do not show any shape other than a ball of light. This is exactly what I saw and video-taped last year on Sept 26th, 2004.

As the first pair of lights disappeared to the East in a dimming manner another 2 lights popped up in the same location where the first two appeared and another one to the left. Three balls of light appearing and forming a triangular formation. The lights were twinkling with a tinge of red, yellow, orange and blue seemingly at the same time. My sister is heard on video (part1) saying how beautiful the lights look. They were tranquil.

The video was shot near Pinnacle Peak which is about 40miles from Sky Harbor Airport. My parent's backyard overlooks the whole valley so I had a clear shot at the airport. After the sighting, about 20 minutes later, we had dessert and played some backyard golf on a small putting green in the backyard for another hour or so after the last light was taped. I did not see any other lights or planes or anything else that resembled the lights video-taped earlier. Does that mean there were only 5 planes from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Christmas Eve with these types of bright lights aiming our way and then nothing after? Not likely.

Since last year's sighting on September 2004 I have visited my parents over 20 times and did not see anything resembling the lights until now. Seems strange that all those times I visited my parents I don't see a plane, at one of the busiest airports in the world, with lights resembling the one's in question until now. The odds are in my favor especially since there is a history, a recorded history, of the Phoenix Lights returning again and again. There were over 10 witnesses to the lights at my parent's house and 11 witnesses at a co-worker's house. I showed the co-worker my video today and he said that his whole family saw the lights and didn't know if they were planes or UFOs but said they were huge. His house is 40 miles West from where I taped the lights and he was about 20 miles from the airport. I looked to the Southwest and he looked to the Southeast at the lights.

If the lights are airplanes heading in my direction then how is it possible that the lights stay just as bright when heading to the East? Wouldn't the lights in the front of the craft aim East, the direction the object is heading? That means the lights aren't and shouldn't be as bright as they head away from me. These lights stayed bright.

I am sending 2 video clips.

If anyone else saw this or has video please email me - info@cnufos.com

Hope you are well and give my best to all.

Rich G. www.cnufos.com

Footage and photos are © 2005 Rich G. www.cnufos.com


Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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