Early 2005

Cave Creek, Arizona Numerous Lights Light Up The Sky

Date: Early 2005

Here in Phoenix the activity is increasing and a fellow named Josh is taping incredible lights appearing and seemingly taking off at great speeds. The video is great and compares to the Jeff Willis video recently shot earlier this month. We are starting to get some unreal video and this is what Josh caught by his house earlier this year.

On the Josh video...from what I understand the video was one of many shot in Cave Creek, Az. just North of Phoenix. It was a clear night and no winds. I have received another email from a resident living up there who have seen the lights and they say they show up often but never that bright. I also received an email wondering if they were airplanes but then that would mean there were 5 or 6 planes turning their lights on at the same time and then turning them off. Unlikely, especially at that location. I also found out the distance from house to object (s) may have been several miles away but seemed much closer like a few miles away. Probably hard to tell at night. It was close enough that if they were planes you should be able to hear them.

No-one knows what the lights are. It may be the Phoenix Lights all over again but they probably never left.

Hope this helped.

Still image from Cave Creek video

Video footage ©2005 Josh

Thank you to Josh for the report and footage to post.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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