January/February 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Judy Guszak

Location: Chicago, Illinois - USA

Date: Evening, about 6-7 pm

Approach Direction: in back yard

Departure Direction: west

Witness Direction: next to me

Description: Early evening in my yard, my little neighbor said, Judy, looke at the lights inthe sky - I did - the clouds were strange that night, I have never seen the sky look like that. I saw several obhjects - odd shapped, not circular, not any real form - sort of ciruclar and oblong. One was perfectly still and 4 or 5 were chasing each other (behindthe clouds) - as if they were playing tag. this went on for 20 min or so, then I went inside

When I reproted it to adler planitarium and they called back, I was told it was a car dealership advertising., and ot a UFO. I tought it odd that they would advertise inthe sky like that on such a night I saw no 'beam' leading up to the sky - these things were just there having a good time, - again, one was still and not moving at all, and the others were moving - again, it looked like they were playing, but were behind the clouds

Maybe it was in fact some kind of advertising, but it was a strange night to do that. What this # I called (from northwestern univ, they gave me a number to call) was interested in was whre I got their number.

I have never - never seen anyting like this before nor after and yes, I do look at the sky at night, star gazing I guess you would say, and had I seen somethgn like this before I would have remembered it, it was just so strange.


Color/Shape: were behind clouds not sure of color, but light - not round - sort of a combination oblong and round, not sure how big since it was in the sky and I have no way of knowing the size

Height & Speed: not sure

TV/Radio/Press: not reported - just to adler planitarium and a center for UFO reports - I was basically blown off and ignored

Extra information

I wrote to Judy and asked if ahe knew the date of the sighting. Judy stated it was around three months ago (report dated April 24th 2005) and phoned Adler Planetarium to see if they knew when the call was made. Unfortunately they do not keep records of phone calls.


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