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UFO Sighting Report - USA

2006 : Bonita, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Bonita, Calif Sweetwater Road

Date: 2006 - I never recorded the exact date, It was a Saturday.

Time: Early morning - 7 A.M

Number of witnesses: One - Me

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Oval Shape

Weather Conditions: cool and cloudy

Description: I was driving early in the morning on Sweetwater Road in Bonita, CA. in the year of 2006. It happened to be a beautiful morning as I can recall. I am heading out to Rohr Park to jog.

As I am driving on Sweetwater Road I notice from the Southeast sky, what looked like a very unusual object flying in and out of the clouds. It was flying slowly. It was not lit up or glowing.

I happen to remember that it was white in color. I tried keeping my eyes focused on it as I was driving slowly to not lose sight of it but I was also trying to pay attention to the road. I was stunned, because I have always been skeptical about UFOs till this day. Now I don't believe in monsters flying around in space. But I wonder what is up there flying around in these objects.

This flying object had no wings, it just seemed to be going in slow motion in and out of the clouds. I wished I would of had my video recorder this morning.

I never seen anthing like this before. It was not a bird, airplane, balloon or helicopter.

TV/Radio I never Reported this


Update from the witness:

Larry King hosted a show about UFO's, so while watching the Larry King show I became curious and encouraged to search online if there have ever been any sightings in Bonita, CA and to my surprise I found a couple who did in the past.

I will never forget this experience.