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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 5th 2006 : Salt River, near Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Salt River, near Roosevelt Dam, Arizona

Date: January 5th 2006

Time: 4:39pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: Several

Shape of objects: Filaments and orbs

[This report was sent in by the wtiness to the June 27th 1981 : Cow Canyon, Escalante River Arm of Lake Powell, Utah sighting.]

Hi John:

As a former law enforcement officer and commercial pilot, I have experienced a number of incidents during my life that I couldn’t explain.

If you are interested, I am attaching to this email, two pictures, of a UFO sighting that took place, at an overlook, on the Salt River, just below Roosevelt Dam, northeast of Phoenix, Arizona. The two pictures were taken on January 5, 2006 at approx. 4:39 p.m.. A friend and I were taking a day-long four wheel drive trip and stopped to eat a picnic lunch at the overlook mentioned above.

Picture 1 – In this picture you can see one orb to the right of the eagle and one of the filament above and to the left of the eagle. The filaments were definitely not contrails. They moved rapidly and randomly and changed shapes. They also appeared and disappeared rapidly. As a former commercial pilot with thousands of hours of flight time, I am positive contrails do not look, or act the way the filaments we saw did.

Photo 1. Click for full size
Click photo for full size

Picture 2 - In this picture there are at least six orbs but the exposure is not good and you have to look to see them. There are three orbs, in a triangle pattern, to the right of the eagle. There are also three orbs above the eagle. There is one filament at the top center of the frame.

Photo 2. Click for full size
Click photo for full size

After eating lunch we walked to a location overlooking the Salt River, to look at the Roosevelt Dam. For some reason I looked up in the sky and was amazed to see several white orbs moving in random directions in the sky. We watched the orbs and then noticed, what can best be described as filaments, also moving in random directions across the sky. The filaments were also changing shape as they moved. Both the orbs and filaments would appear and disappear. Several other visitors came to the overlook and saw us looking up and asked about what we were looking at. We pointed out the orbs and filaments and they also saw them. We watched this display for about one-half hour, before we had to leave.

The attached picture was taken by my friend and shows both the orbs and filaments, this was the only picture that showed both types of UFOs in the same frame. The picture is also interesting because an eagle that was souring in the sky above us, was caught in the frame with the two types of UFOs. We sent this picture and others, to Dr. Paul A. Scowen PhD, in the Physics & Astronomy Dept., at Arizona State University but he said the resolution of the digital photographs wasn’t good enough, to determine what we were seeing.

I also notified the Salt River Project and Bureau of Reclamation, both involved in the operation of the Roosevelt Dam, of the sightings. I also let them know of our filming activity, at the overlook.

I look forward to getting your feedback on these pictures. Have you seen this type of UFO previously, or are we seeing something that can be explained? I have returned to this overlook on two occasions and have seen the filaments again but no orbs. On one of these trips, my friend and I took high resolution video cameras with us, in hope of getting footage of the objects we were seeing. The filaments we did see appeared and then disappeared, so quickly, we could not photograph them. Also, the number of filaments we saw was greatly reduced from the number we saw the first time we were at the overlook.

On another trip to the overlook I took alone, two or three of the filaments descended below the rim of the canyon and were between where I was standing and the canyon wall. From the size of the rocks, I estimated that the filaments were approximately 60 ft. in length. The size of the orbs could not be determined, on any of the trips, because we couldn’t tell the distance they were from us.

Again, I hope you are feeling better and thank you for your work with UFOINFO. If you have any questions about me, or the two incidents I submitted please contact me.