Aliso Viejo, California

January 15th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Aliso Viejo/California/US

Date: 1/15/06 the sighting was about 8:00-10:00

Approach Direction: it was moving side to side and hovinging in every angle and direction but i didnt really see it come it was just already there

Departure Direction: i lost sight of the first one but the last one just stayed until we left i didnt see it leave either

Witness Direction: the aliso viejo edwards theather i was in front of it and looking to the left me and my friend saw it and my 3rd friend saw one at the end before we left

Description: I was at the theater and the movie had just ended when we exited my friend went to get the car and i caught sight of 2-3 objects in the sky. they were bright blue lights and somtimes it apeered to have 3 big lights in a triangular shape and then had about 6 lights all in a circular shape. These 2 objects hovered in maney directions and were completely silent. There was no chance of it being a plane or helicopter. or a balloon because it moved so quickly and in diferent directions to be a baloon. However the object didnt seem to move to quickly enless it was far away it seemed to be hovering in one place then just moved back and forth to another. i didnt loose sight of them until i was about to leave then i only saw one. I knew i wasnt crazzy because a couple was also watching the sight right nextn to me. My 2 friends also witnessed them. i didnt see the last one leave because i left first but we did come back an hour later because my friend left his cell phone at the theater and by that time they were gone.

Color/Shape: bright blue (not sure if they were flashing dont think so) sometimes went into triangular shape with 3 big bright blue lights and then seemed to change its angle and looks circular and then had about 5-8 lights in a circular shape

Height & Speed: this is where3 its harder its hight coulnt have been as high as a normal air plane it was much closer either that or further away and much bigger but im sure it coulnt have been more than a couple miles away and it was less than a mile high

TV/Radio/Press: i dont think it has been yet or ever will but on this sight i saw that there was another similar sighing in the same area and near the same day only differerent discription of ufo and only 1 object


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