Rochester Hills, Michigan

January 15th 2006

Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA.

Date: 01/15/06 3:30am eastern time.

Approach Direction: From south heading north.

Departure Direction: To the east.

Witness Direction: east.

Description: I was driving along M-59; heading east. I was in the left lane; driving slightly behind an SUV in the right lane about to pass it. (two lane expressway) I had my radar detector on; and I was detecting Ka band. In the median of the expressway under an overpass (Rochester Rd. I believe) was a police car. (facing us) I slowed down and dropped back some from the SUV.

This is when I noticed the SUV next to me slowing down also; now driving along side me. He began to swerve in his lane and I thought he may be drunk because of the time of night- I looked out my passenger window to glance at the driver, and I saw what he was swerving about.

Low in the sky, maybe about 50 feet from the ground- was a light-blue "form" of light moving across the expressway. It did not change shape; so much as it had a very faint outline that seemed to shift. It was big; the profile presenting with a surface area measured in hundreds of square feet- not more than 500 i'd say; it's hard to judge. I'd compare it to a wedge with soft rounded corners; the thinner end of the wedge leading the shape as it moved across the sky.

The object seemed to be glowing slow in terms of man-made aircraft. It took at least 5 seconds to move across all 4 lanes of the east/west bound expressway. I passed it as it cleared the west bound side of the expressway.

I looked in my rear view mirror to see if I could still see it; and to see if the police officer was on the move- but he never even started the squad car. The SUV was still keeping pace with me, I thought about asking him to pull over to check if he saw what I just saw- and I'm pretty sure he did. But I was more interested in where that thing went.

I began looking north of the expressway out my driver's side window. About 30 seconds after it's initial pass I saw it again. This time it was further away and higher in the sky. Perhaps several hundred feet. It was also several hundred yards away from me on flying over houses on the north side of the expressway. It was the same shape; same leading edge, same color. It kept pace with me for about a mile.

Just as I was about to enter the portion of the expressway that declines in elevation 20-30ft and becomes surrounded by concrete walls for urban areas- the thing shot out of sight in a split second at incredibly high speed. I got this impression because it's size decreased very rapidly until it became a fine point; and then vanished altogether. That's the part that officially creeped me out. Been thinking about it every once in a while; got curious- found this site- and decided to post it up for what it's worth.

Color/Shape: Light-Blue; fluctuations in tone/intensity of light near edges of it's form. The light seemed to be the craft itself. It was wedge-shaped; the narrow end of the wedge was the leading edge. The shape seemed to shift slightly; but it was more like the outline was fuzzy; and very hard to make out where it stopped and the night's sky began. The light did not brighten up the area; even though it was low to the ground and presented with a profile of at least a few hundred square feet.

Height & Speed: About 50 ft off the ground when arriving from the south heading east. It seemed to be moving only at about 40mph as it took several seconds for it to pass across a 4 lane expressway. After it crossed the expressway it headed east and kept pace with me at about 70mph; several hundred yards away- and with increased altitude; perhaps 300 feet. After about a mile of keeping pace with me it darted off at incredible speed heading east. It's size in the sky rapidly decreased into a fine point and then it vanished.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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