Wellfleet, Massachusetts

January 25th 2006

Looking From Wellfleet, Massachusetts A Bright Light Stationary Date: January 25, 2006
Time: 10:15 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: The name of the witness in this report has been changed by HBCC UFO Research.

Attached hereon is correspondence I had with my art teacher regarding a UFO like light he saw in the western sky looking from Wellfleet, Massachusetts (Cape Cod) During the week of January 25th 2006.

Mr. Fry claims to have been out walking his dog on Great Island at about 10:15 PM, when he observed a bright light standing still in the sky. A row of trees was between him and the light which kept 'going on and off' behind tree branches as he moved along a path to get a better view of it. When he got clear of the tree line the light had gone.

My immediate impression of Mr. Fry sighting was that it was an aircraft or perhaps the Coast Guard helicopter or Falcon either on a mission near Plymouth, Massachusetts or on base leg prior to turning on final. I used to see phenomenon such as that in Oklahoma City with airliners approaching Will Rogers Airport from the west. They would fly straight toward my position for five minutes before making a right turn onto final about seven miles away. While the aircraft flew towards me their landing light would appear to be hovering motionless. However it is about 30 miles across Cape Cod Bay from where Mr. Fry made his sighting. The only airports I know of would be Otis Air Force Base to Mr. Fry's left or 45 degrees southwest and Boston's Logan to Mr. Fry's right or 45 degrees northwest. Both locale's more than 40 miles distant.

I live about 15 miles south of Mr. Fry's vantage point. Been a resident of Cape Cod since 1987. Lived in this town for more than four years and although I've watched a lot of high flying aircraft going to-and-from Europe I never seen or heard of anything such as Mr. Fry described over Cape Cod Bay

So far Mr. Fry is the only person I know of that seen it.

Below is a short note from the eyewitness to the gentleman who related this report you read above.

Hi, The light that I saw in the sky was above the western horizon about 20 degrees. I was an avid student of astronomy and even made my own telescope. I know where Saturn was at that time of the evening around the 25th of January. Saturn was located on the eastern portion of the sky approaching the meridian and was a faint yellow color. I know it well. As I was facing west, Saturn was at my back. The light that I saw was many times brighter than Saturn. It was like an automobile light coming at you and about two blocks away. It was an interesting phenomenon and I have no idea what it could have been.

Thank you to both fellows for this report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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