56th Street, Hendricks County, Indianapolis, Indiana

February 7th 2006

Location: 56th Street, 1 mile west of the intersection with Raceway Road, Hendricks County, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Date: 02/07/06 at approximately 3:00 am

Approach Direction: Hovering

Departure Direction: north, just west of Eagle Lake Park

Witness Direction: North

Description: A bright white light perhaps 1500 to 3000 feet in the air. The light seemed to pulsate. There were what looked like two white lights of lesser intensity below and on either side of the big light. It hovered for perhaps 10 minutes and darted no more than 50 feet in all directions occassionally. After about ten minutes the bright light was extinguishhed and at first I thought the object had vanished, but a closer look revealed the presence of the dimmer lights in the same area. I watched those lights for about 10 more minutes when the cold made me come into the house and go to the internet to report the object.

Color/Shape: I could not appreciate a shape. The craft did not seem to leave the area,, it just seemed to dim its lights.

Height & Speed: As I said, it seemed to be hovering perhaps as much as 3000 feet in the air.

TV/Radio/Press: I don't know of other reports, but I have seen hovering objects in the same vicinity, usually closer to 8:00 to 10:00 pm and although I suspected they might be from a UFO, I always blew it off. The sightings I have made have always been in the same general area.


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