Evergreen, Colorado

February 13th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Evergreen/ Colorado/ USA

Date: 02/13/06

Approach Direction: Hovering and moving slowly

Departure Direction: Away from me or moving down behind a mountain.

Witness Direction: West

Description: This is the third time this week I have seen a lighted object hovering west of Evergreen, this evening I saw it four separate times within an hour. It was brightly lit (maybe from the sun) and hovering or moving slowly. It disappeared from sight each time and came back in the same area.

Color/Shape: Bright object, could not determine shape.

Height & Speed: Several miles high, moving slower than an airplane and in erratic directions.

Follow-up information from Brian Vike:

Hi Miranda,

Q. Miranda, just to make sure on the direction, which direction was the object moving from and to ?

A. It hovered and then moved either away from me to the west or up or down.

Q. Could you please tell me what color it was ?

A. It was silvery light. It really resembled a plane in terms of size and distance but was very bright with no blinking lights like a plane and did not behave like a plane. Many planes fly over our area and it was odd enough that it really caught my attention and I donít feel like it was an airplane.

Q. How long roughly were you able to observe the light for ?

A. I saw it briefly for less than a minute 2 previous times in the week while driving, to the west so I was not confident in what I saw. On the 13th I saw it 4 different times for about 30-60 seconds each before it disappeared.

Q. Also can you tell me what the weather conditions were at the time of the sighting ?

A. Clear each time.

Q. Describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

A. No, no airports or airforce bases that I am aware of west of Evergreen (towards the Rocky Mountains).

Q. Did the object change direction at anytime ?

A. Yes- away from me as well as up, down, and to the left or right. It hovered most of the time and then would move in one of these directions.

Q. Also can you add anything else to the report in which might help me out in trying to figure what this might be. Also if you could write up on the other sightings, or a brief description of what you noted about them.

A. I was driving both times I saw it previously in the week so had convinced myself it was something else- a plane or glare in the window. Each time was near dusk around 5-5:30pm MT. Monday was the first day I observed it outside while not in a car, outside my house. I called my husband out to look and he was stumped too. It hovered for a few seconds and then faded away to the west. I observed it 3 more times while driving to the west to pick up my child at daycare, the last time was outside my car before I went in to pick him up, I watched it hover and then drop behind Floyd Hill, a mountain directly to my west. It was sort of cigar or cylindrical shaped, and lit up, but may have been lit by the setting sun rather than lights. No blinking lights like a plan, no jetstream trail. I saw it 3 separate times right above this mountain before it disappeared behind it. It was far away, not close enough to see any detail. It behaved very strangely, hence my motivation to look for other sightings and when I found none to report it so maybe others might come forth or I could determine what it was. I was not prepared to take video or photos.

Conditions have been overcast since Monday but I am looking for more signs and will be more prepared to try to photograph it if I see it again.

Thank you and take care.


[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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