San Jose, California

February 16th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Jose,CA. USA

Date: 02/16/06 12:20am local time

Approach Direction: E

Departure Direction: SW

Witness Direction: S-SW

Description: I was standing outside waiting for my girlfriend Alison just as she came out I saw a red light moving high in the night sky. She also saw it. It made no noise,there were no anti collision lights normally seen on aircraft. We watched it for about 1 and half minutes before it just disapeared right in front of us. The night was very clear and the moon was almost full.Later on that night I looked on the internet and did a google search for ufo sightings in San Jose and came across a post from somone who described the same thing I saw in the same location between Los Gatos and South San Jose where I live back in Sept 04. The thing that really stood out about this object was how red it was.

Color/Shape: Red and round. It seemd to be high in the sky but moved at a high rate of speed

Height & Speed: It seemed to go across the sky at the speed of a satelite which ive seen periodically, however this thing disapeared in a spot in the sky it shoudnt have. Speed was constant.

TV/Radio/Press: not to my knowledge.


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