I-30 West, Fort Worth, Texas

February 27th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Over I-30 West in Fort Worth Texas

Date: 02/27/06 5:30PM to 6:20PM

Approach Direction: approaching from the west/ south west

Departure Direction: west to north west

Witness Direction: west

Description: Traveling west on I-30 West from Dallas Texas just as we came in to Arlington Texas. We, My sister and myself saw what appeared to be a very bright star at first and then we noticed that it was moving toward Fort Worth at an instant it changed from being a small bright object to a very large bright object and then it changed colors to an intense orange red , it began to change in shape like a "cigar shape", this thing began to get closer to the ground and when it started to decsend there were two (2) other lights that came from the same direction very quickly, they both instantly turned orange red and both had two (2) tail like shapes, or 2 wings comming from behind , they both approuched the first one and one lined up with it on one side and the other one lined up with it on the opposit side, every time the cigar shape one got closer to the ground the other two (2) would shoot out a red orange lazor like beam out at it and the cigar shaped one would come up higher from the ground than it was.

About 10 minits into watching the three other objects I had by mistake looked higher in the sky after trying to adjust my binoculars and noticed a huge orange red rectangle that had been hovering for I do not know how long, ther were to military jets that were headed in that direction when the jets began to get closer the objects began to move quickly to the north west and out of our sight, many cars had pulled off and over to park on the access road, and since then I have had a very bad headache that I have associated with this incodent.

Color/Shape: The first onestarted as a star (white lite) small and ended up as a intense orange red and cigar shaped.
 The 2 were star shaped and then began to glow intense orange red and then there were 2 tailes or wings comming from the rear of them.
 The third one was rectangle and very, very big and intense orange red.

Height & Speed: i am not sure I know that it was high enough at first to see it from 10 miles away and as we drove towards it it began to get lower, and when it took off it was faster than the military jet that was after it.

TV/Radio/Press: I do not know I had e-mailed them to ask them if anyone had reported the incident.


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