North Scottsdale, Arizona

March 12th/13th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: North Scottsdale, Arizona
  Looking east over the McDowell mountain ridge on March 12th and 13th from the back window of condo. Very bright light cylinder in shape moving very slowly

Date: 3/12/06 4 am and 3/13/06 at 5 am

Approach Direction: side to side and up to the right

Departure Direction: faded out after a couple hours

Witness Direction: facing East

Description: my cousin first sited the object on March 12th early morning hours she was looking out her window. We saw it with her on March 13th at around 5 am in the morning as we looked out the window at her condo with her.

Color/Shape: bright shining object flashing or throbbing. Somewhat cylinder in shape but changed shape to round also

Height & Speed: very little movement, just hovered in distance, moving very slow


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