Altoona, Kansas

March 16th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Altoona, KS, United States

Date: 03/16/06, Central time, 8:20

Approach Direction: no movement

Departure Direction: no movement

Witness Direction: East

Description: Jonathan and I were driving East on a country road. We were having a conversation when Jonathan yelled look at that light, and pointed towards the sky. I looked up and saw a small bright orange light way up in the sky. It started to fade quickly then completely dissappeared. We started yelling and found the first spot that we could turn around. Personally I couldnt beleive that we saw that. We finally turned around, and as we were trying to get back to the main road, the orange light popped up again in the same spot. A couple seconds later another orange light popped up right next to it. By this time, we were speeding to get back into town. The first light faded away and then seconds after the second one faded away. Right after that 2 or 3 little blinking lights appeared in the same direction. It wasnt a slow blink like a plane, it was like 5 or 6 quick blinks and then it'd stop then do it again. They were moving, unlike the orange lights. As we were about into town, the orange lights reappeared, in the same spot in the sky again, and they were still stationary. This time we stopped and got out to look at it. Like the last few times, the lights ended up slowly fading away, one after another. The blinking lights were still there. We got into town and saw the orange lights reappear another 3 or 4 times in the same spot. On our last stop, we got out to see if we could find it again. We didn't see the orange lights but we found a few blinking lights still in the same area. Then all of a sudden 5 or 6 more of the same type of lights appeared in the same general area. They were all moving around very fast but not in a large range of motion. They were all moving in different directions, some that seemed impossible for a plane. As we started to leave, the lights all dissapeared gradually. We drove around another 15 minutes and didn't see anymore.

Color/Shape: Orange, Big Circle / White, blinking/moving dots the size of stars

TV/Radio/Press: none found, but we are searching.


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