Oceanside, Calififornia

March 18th 2006

Oceanside, Calififornia Sphere Zigs Zags Through The Sky

Date: March 18, 2006
Time: 2:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Sphere

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I had just been to the drug store where I purchased an inexpensive throw away camera, and a roll of 400 speed hi resolution color 35 mm film for a little vivatar I picked up at an estate sale. I don't usually have good luck with the cameras I get at these sales, and joke that my hobby is buying cameras that don't work. I had my good German binoculars along as well. The camera and binoculars would have been handy last weekend when we had a sighting. I arrived at my buddy Robert's Oceanside home just after 1400, seeing and speaking to him for the first time since seeing the "Flying Dumbell" last weekend. I gave him the disposable camera, with the advisement to keep it handy. It was another blustery weekend, having rained earlier, but now mostly nice, a little windy and patchy clouds.

We went into the back yard to the Clubhouse, as usual, for a beer and to chew the fat. I successfully loaded the 35 mm film to the vivatar. We were standing just outside the clubhouse's sliding entry door looking about and talking about the orange dumbbell, when Robert looked up and said "There's a white thing moving between the clouds!" My camera was 10 feet away on the fence, but the binoculars were slung around my neck. I raised the binoculars but couldn't see the object. Then a twin engine turboprop came to view from the east. It was black on the bottom and white on the upper surfaces. It zipped right through the area I was glassing. Robert said the object had disappeared into a cloud. I kept glassing the sky, almost directly overhead. Then, in a patch of blue a sphere appeared. It was white on one side, red or orange on the other.

I guess the altitude was 12 to 15 thousand feet. I then went for the camera on the fence. I realized that watching through the binoculars, then switching to the camera was going to make it hard to capture a picture, because the viewfinder on the camera won't enlarge the field of view like the binoculars do. There were power lines, between me and the object. I used the relation of the power lines between me and the sphere, when seen thru the binoculars, to aim the camera and started snapping pictures. The sphere may have been rotating. It moved to the east in short zigs and zags, at times it moved thru clouds and disappeared, reappeared, then became stationary.

The twin turboprop approached again, this time from the west! It had reversed direction to pursue the thing! It flew directly at the object, closing fast on what looked like a collision course! The object then accelerated to the east and was gone into a cloud just like that. The twin turbo followed. I think I caught a picture of the aircraft and the sphere in the same frame. I took 8 pictures in about 2 minutes of observation of the thing. I am going to the camera shop after I send this report. I will cross my fingers and hope this camera works better than the others. If it does, I will have the pictures digitized to send to you! I noted the hoax story from so California, my recent sightings were not related. Sincerely.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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