Santa Cruz, California

March 31st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Date: Approximately 5:45 pm 03/13/06

Approach Direction: from northeast

Departure Direction: traveling southwest towards Monterey Bay

Witness Direction: I initially faced northeast and followed them across sky to southwest

Description: It had rained earlier in the day. I was talking on the phone outside on my patio. I thought I heard an airplane and looked towards the sound to the northeast. I saw a metal flash and decided that it was a plane. As I continued talking on the phone, I noticed another silver flash to the northeast towards the Santa Cruz mountains. I looked up and saw between 12 and 15 silver balls hanging in the air--floating through the sky towards Monterey Bay. At first I thought someone had let go a bunch of silver balloons, then I realized they were flying in a modified v-formation in groups of 3 to 4 balloons each. It was deathly quiet...no birds...nothing. The sky was bright blue though surrounded by dark rain clouds. As I watched, I saw one of the silver balls break formation and dart towards the "lead" ball. Then just as quickly dart back into formation again. I was speechless, frozen and awed. So weird..Somebody else besides me must have seen them. I like close to West Cliff Drive in Santa CRuz. The rain had been stopped for over an hour. There would have been lots of people out on West Cliff. Please, if anyone else saw them write in!!! Thanks!

Color/Shape: Silver, round and circular. Silent. Seemed to float by.

Height & Speed: I thought they were pretty high, but very noticeable. They maintained an even speed in their formation except when the one silver disc darted to the lead one.

TV/Radio/Press: I called the santa Cruz Sentinel newsroom and asked if anyone else had reported seeing the phenomena. They said no, but didn't laugh at me. In fact the first guy to answer the phone said they often get these types of calls and always about "silver balls". There was nothing in the paper over the next few days. I made this report to ufoinfo that night, but my email must have been one of them caught in the hard drive mishap.


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