North Dakota

April 14th 2006

North Dakota A White Glow Filled The Cylindrical Objects

Date: April 14, 2006
Time: 9:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, (name removed) here from North Dakota! I was a guest of yours May 20th 2005 on Rense. To refresh your memory my last sighting was the black cube that stopped on a dime above my house and then after two seconds took off at bullet speed and I told you it startled me so much that I literally quit observing and didn't care if I ever saw one again.

Well I have stuck to that and that was 2002! I have even made it a point to go to bed by 9:00 pm and rise about 4:00 am. After getting "vicious terrifying night visits" for the last couple years, which I will tell you about in a separate e-mail hopefully soon, but on this one I will stick to what was going on before and during the sighting.

My sister had come home from Wyoming this last weekend for Easter, and being I have not had anyone to talk to about these intrusions, I sat down Friday evening with my sister her daughter who is about 20 and my mother and started telling them about my sightings, and my visits! I went on about a hour until I was convinced that my family really didn't know how to respond and was probably more than just a little concerned about my sanity! Well after that I returned home about 8:45 pm after talking, I got the idea I should grab my binoculars and go out on the deck and observe for a little while, thinking that if I did that this intelligence might leave me alone at night !

So this Friday the 14th of April! I sat down on my steps of my deck and it was about five minutes to 9:00 pm! I started a dialogue with my sister, pretending she was there asking me how I see these UFO's in my imaginary conversation with her. I told her either I will get a strong telepathic feeling of just knowing that they are about to appear or are already in the area, or I would be looking with my binoculars and they will just fly right through my line of view! Right after I had this imaginary conversation, I looked to the south and saw a bright satellite coming my way. So I lifted my binoculars and was focused on this satellite for about five seconds, when right through my line of sight a set of cylindrical objects flew through side by side at a very high speed and could only observe them for four seconds before they disappeared in the East! They were flying at passenger jet altitude in my estimation and again had a white glow that filled in the whole cylinder! Although there were two of them, I couldn't help but get the impression that I was looking at one craft! If you would put a bar in the middle it would of been the letter H, but nothing glowing in between so it is too hard to tell if it was one or two objects! It occurred at exactly 9:00 PM.

It was the first major sighting I have had since I quit looking! I ran in and told my wife who still doesn't know what to think! I went back out and pointed my binoculars to the North and immediately picked up on a satellite when all of a sudden I saw two flying side by side headed for three more coming from the North East and the other two were headed right at that group and when they met, all of a sudden one stopped and four proceeded to move in a gliding fashion to the East. I watched them for a while and more and kept going through the exact same area from north and south and the one that stopped had a bright red look to it! Very strange! I don't know what I was looking at so in my frustration I just came in the house and went to bed! Maybe it was a glimpse of our star war system.

I am on my way to a diabetes support group tonight for my first time because they are supposed to have a speaker on sleep disorders! Can't wait to hear this! Maybe I'll turn him on to a new realty twist! I will mail you later to let you know just how strange things have been with what I can only call my night time visits! Have a good evening! I know I won't.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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