Caruthers, California

April 20th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Caruthers california 13 miles south of fresno

Date: 04/20/06 230 am california local time

Approach Direction: comming from the west

Departure Direction: east like a bat out of hell

Witness Direction: west and followed east

Description: 2 nights ago i had just gotten off work and i had decide to go looking for m51 the spiral galaxy i own an etx 90 meade telescope i was in the process of setting it up when from the west side of my home town i spotted a very low flying object from my view point it was just above the trees when it came into view at at once finished setting up my scope and pointed it at it at the lowest power eyes piece i have i was looking at it at 50 power. at that power all i could make out was a saucer looking shape the bottom half was completely covered in a orange light that apeared to be comming from below it at that time i ran in side and got my wife up and she ran out side and between the two of us we started tracking it across the sky for 20 min going from 50 power all the way to 150 power as we went up in power we were able to see that the top half of the craft was covered in a veil of mist is the best way i can decribe it i couldnt penatrate the mist even at max power so we didnt get a good look at the top half of it after following it for 10 min it changed corse and speed it changed from being flat to well putting its bottom faceing us and thats when we got a great look at what was propelling it it had two sets of rectangle shaped engines they weren't turbines there was no fire or flame comming from them, not to get to scifi here but they looked like the flat type of engines that space ships use in movies like smaller versions of the engines on han solos ship on starwars except they were orange and there was a massive amount of engine wash on the craft the bottom half as i said earlyer was covered in an orange glow. well when it changed corse it started heading south that night or mourning the moon had just cleared the mountains we followed it until it got right above my garage and then it took off like a bat out of hell due east i hopped in my car with scope in hand and drove east with no luck. but wow what a great night for astronomy saw our first ufo

Color/Shape: main body minus engine wash was grey engine wash was orange and had a white grey veil over the top half of it that i couldnt penatrate with telescope

Height & Speed: at first speed was very slow it was just floating in the sky when it decide it had spent enough time in caruthers it took off faster than anything i have ever seen in the sky height wise i would have to confirm with my wife about the height


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