DesMoines, Iowa

April 2006?

DesMoines, Iowa A Small Shining Speck Following Jet

Date: April 2006 (?)
Time: Late afternoon.

Message: Just finished reading the May 24th sighting from DesMoines. I had a sighting maybe about a month ago, late in the afternoon.

The sun was going down and coming through the sheers. So I got up to draw the drapes and happened to look between the sheers. I saw a jet heading south, at high altitude, and directly behind it was a small "shinning" speck (the sun was reflecting off it.) I'm not good at determining distance, so from my point of view the object was following about three or four car lengths behind the jet.

Both objects traveled in a straight line, until I couldn't see either one.

Also, about two or three months ago, after dark, I was coming home from the store. As I was coming out of the garage, across the street, at a low altitude, was a light that was never there before. If looked about the size of a street light, but it was too high. I had never seen it in the space before (between two houses). Then it started to move to the right of itself, and I got spooked, and went in the house. I have seen it once since, and checked street lights, but none are where I saw this light.

Also, at the time, I can't remember seeing the red alert lights on the tower for planes on the hill in the same direction, but have seen them every night since.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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