Stewartsville, Virginia

May 1st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Stewartsville, Va Bedford co. near Roanoke Co

Date: 05/01/06 roughly 10pm to 10:25pm EST. weather was partly couldy to clear

Approach Direction: southeast

Departure Direction: northwest

Witness Direction: northwest

Description: I just left my grandparnt's house and walked to my car, looked up in the sky and noticed a very low, what i believed to be a plane at the time, coming across the sky. If i had to guess i would say it was no more than 600 feet in the air, with no to very little noise coming from the object. I drove to my house, which is about 400 ft. or so. After i got to my house i contuied to watch the object just over the mountain range where it seemed to hover with red and blue flashing lights that apeared to be spinning. I watched it on and off for 20 min or so before i decied to see if i could get a closer look at it and went inside to get the car keys and on my way to get in the car it disapeared.

Color/Shape: three lights in a triangle shape, then red and blue spinning lights

Height & Speed: height at approach i would say 600 ft. no sure about a speed. last sighting was very high in the sky


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