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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 27th 2006 : Manorville, New York

Manorville, New York - A Diamond Or Rectangular Shaped Object

Date: May 27, 2006
Time: 2:30 p.m.

On 5/27/06 at 2:30pm at (street address removed), Manorville, NY I saw a UFO. The object was seen by me, (name removed), as I was edging the grass in my driveway. We have a small plane airport less than a mile from the house and there is a sky diving company there and in good weather there are parachuters coming down all the time. As I was edging, I heard the familiar drone of the single engine plane. When the parachuters jump, the engine is turned off, and I noticed the droning stopped. So I looked up to see if I could spot the divers in freefall.

They usually jump from about 5,000 feet and free fall at the start. Well I spotted one a little to the north of my house, and I heard the snapping of his chute as it opened. Now usually two people jump at a time so I expected to see/hear a second chute, or see a second person. I didn't right away, but from right under the first person, I suddenly saw an object. It was smaller than the person with the open parachute and I first thought that I was seeing a Red Tailed Hawk diving at prey below. My attention was riveted to the object as I realized it was moving horizontally and appeared black and metallic. It was kind of like a black snow sled about 4-6 feet in length. It looked diamond or rectangular shaped.

I looked backup higher at the parachuter, who seemed to be about 1000 feet above it, and wondered if he could see anything below him. I quickly looked back to focus on the black object. It was very hard to focus on as now it was directly over my head and the sun was in my eyes. I squinted and thought that the object was accelerating. I noticed some darker lines on the underside of the object. I now had to turn my head backward to see it and realized it already disappeared into a white cloud south of me and was gone ! I had it in sight for about 5 seconds. I just stood there watching the parachuter finish his jump and tried process what I had just saw, because I didn't believe it. But wait there's more, after several minutes the phone inside the house rang and in my usual way I ambled in to get it.

Too late, but I saw on caller id that it was my wife. As I dialed her back I noticed that the cat was walking around appearing dazed. I remembered hearing some commotion in the house while the sighting was going on but I ignored it. I had been in the house a half an hour earlier and saw the cat sleeping on a small throw rug in our sunroom. I now investigated and found the throw rug on the kitchen floor in a heap, and I saw the cat's green collar broken lying at the other end of the kitchen. It appeared that she had gotten her collar stuck on the rug and shook it off thereby breaking her collar. Maybe something had scared her?! I can't definitely connect the cat behavior to the UFO, but it did happen that way.

I then sat down and drew the object and wrote down notes on what I saw and remembered. It took me until today 01/03/07 to decide to report it. It sounds like a stupid story, but I remembered reading at that time about some guy in VT who saw an object like this except he described it as tumbling. I didn't notice anything but speed on this solid object. What caught my attention about the VT story was that I had been in VT in that same area when he saw his black object. Respectfully submitted. Thanks.

Brian you do a great job on your site. I listen to you on Jeff Rense and I glad you are "back"!

Thank you to the witness for another interesting report. I telephoned the gentleman but he was not at home, but I will try again to see if I can catch up with him.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]