Aliso Viejo, California

May 28th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Aliso Viejo, California. Same spot as the previous sightings, at the Edwards Cinema parkinglot.

Date: The time was right before my 9:30 movie. Clear skies. Night. 5/28/2006

Approach Direction: Many directions.

Departure Direction: I left before seeing it depart.

Witness Direction: West.

Description: My girlfriend and I were in the parking lot and walking towards the cinema when we noticed a wierd flying object in the sky. It hovered no more than 500 ft. above the complex. A wierd buzz, humming sound could be heard. It twirled and changed colors. It gave off a light blue color to thrust. It had a clearly visable engine that was red. The lights around it were white, but it changed colors as it flew. I was very puzzled by the flight pattern and how it was able to fly like it did. It zig zagged and cork screwed and flew from all sorts of directions.

Color/Shape: White, changing to blue and greenish colors. Red engine with light blue thrust/vapor coming off.

Video clips:

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