Nogal, New Mexico

June 2006

Nogal, New Mexico Strange Lights Stopping And Swaying Back & Forth

Date: Various (June 2006)
Time: Various

Hello, I was given this email to report some strange things we have seen from our home in Nogal, New Mexico. I don’t know how to report this so I will just tell you what we saw.

We recently installed a hot tub outside our house on a mountain top in SE New Mexico and my family and I routinely go outside and watch the stars after the sun goes down. We are familiar with most of the stars we see every night and the occasional flashing lights of jets that cross the night sky. But lately we have seen some odd lights that travel in random directions and appear to move like “drunk drivers,” swaying to the left and right and appearing to stop and go against the background of our familiar stars. Sometimes these objects become very bright – as bright as the brightest stars – then suddenly go dark and disappear. They make no noise.

It has become a nightly event for us and we often tell guests about what we see, noting their smirks and disbelief. But then when we invite them to view these objects they become, like us, perplexed and addicted to watching them all night.

I don’t know if these are “space junk” reflecting the light or some kind of weather balloons but their erratic trajectory and speed seem to dispute the theory that there are high flying jets. Anyway, I just had to tell someone about this. Thanks.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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