Lake O' The Pines, Texas

June 8th 2006

Lake O' The Pines, Texas Object Changes Shape

Date: June 8, 2006
Time: 6:59 p.m.

I live at Lake O' the Pines, Texas and on June 8, 2006 at 6:59 P.M. I was at the lake shore and spotted an extremely bright object to my east after looking for a jet I heard in that general direction. My mother was with me, and my dog came along for a walk with us also. My mother eventually spotted the object also. My dog (Border Collie mix) didn't react at all, though she's nearly ten and is somewhat hard of hearing. My mother had her 10X50 binoculars with her, and I had my 10-30X50 binoculars with me to which I've mounted my camera, which is a Canon Powershot S2 IS with a 1.5 teleconverter lens, making the optical zoom a full 18X.

We watched the object through our binoculars for approximately seven minutes until we could no longer see it due to distance. I snapped 423 (yes, four hundred twenty-three!) pictures of the object as I viewed it through my binoculars. The object made no sound that we could hear, and it drifted slowly west (just about directly over us), then south, then southwest of us where we finally lost sight of it. There was only a little amount of breeze from various directions as I recall. It was quite high I believe, but I have no way to judge its actual altitude or size. With my unaided eye it was just a very small white dot, though it was very bright. What is very odd is that it appeared to change shapes frequently throughout the time we saw it, and the picture sequence confirms this. The object was definitely not a plane or a bird or bug, though I'm not really sure what it is. I believe if it were a cluster of balloons I would have been able to tell while looking at it through my binoculars as well as looking at the pictures of it. I can only assume that it was self-illuminated due to its extreme brightness and that what we saw was the result of plasma surrounding a craft rather than the actual structure of the craft itself.


Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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