Chester, Virginia

June 17th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chester/ Va (USA)

Date: June 17th of 2006 at 5:45 EST

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: West

Witness Direction: West

Description: My father had taken my sister and I to see our grandmother, whom was buried at the Sunset. Before I get into this I might want to add that it was 80 degrees and scattered clouds. Now, I walked a little bit away from my dad and noticed two white dots traveling parallel to each other. I watched them for awhile and then I lost sight of them, thanks to the trees. I did notice that one look flat, while the other I just noticed a white sphere.

(I need to add that I could of misjudged what I saw, could of been bugs, planes or it might of been something else, my eyesight isn't as good as it use to be.)

Color/Shape: Two white spheres, one looked flat for awhile.

Height & Speed: I not sure how high or fast they were

TV/Radio/Press: Nope


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