Hi-way 97, 40 miles North of Bend, Oregon

June 19th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: About 40 miles North of Bend, Oregon, on Hi-way 97

Date: June 19, 2006 at 8:30 pm PDT (give or take 15 minutes)

Approach Direction: Looked to be traveling North when I noticed it. Then, it circled and departed to the South

Departure Direction: Looked to be traveling North when I noticed it. Then, it circled and departed to the South

Witness Direction: We were facing North

Description: My son and I were traveling North on hi-way 97 in Oregon, June 19, 2006. We were about 40 miles North of Bend, Oregon. It was nearing dusk (8:30 pm or so), but we could see clearly without our headlights if necessary. What we saw wasn't much. We came upon a red light, about 100 feet off the ground, that was flashing about once per second.

Rounding a corner, we could see a flash over the horizon, and thought it was law enforcement. However, when we finally saw the light, after rounding the corner, it was initially a couple miles ahead and looked to be traveling away from us to the North. But, in a couple seconds, we could see it (the light) turn, counterclockwise, and descend to the South at a high rate of speed. Whatever it was, it was close enough that we should have been able to see it; but the only thing visible was the red flashing light. We saw about 8-10 flashes total. And, during those flashes, I figure it traveled a couple of miles before it disappeared behind us. It was moving out. There was no noise to speak of either when it passed on our left at approximately 200 yards away at the estimated 100 feet elevation. It was freaky. Both my son and I saw the same thing. Another car stopped and turned around to get a better look as well. Nobody else saw it that I am aware of. I have seen jets that traveled nearly that fast, but they were both visible and made a substantial noise. This made no noise and the only thing visible was a red flashing light. Very strange.

Color/Shape: The only thing visible was a red light flashing at about 1-second intervals.

Height & Speed: It looked to be about 100 feet high and traveling 500-1000 mph

TV/Radio/Press: Not to my knowledge


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