Fremont, California

July 18th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: U.S Fremont, California far away but huge

Date: 7/18/06 5:30 AM or a little later

Approach Direction: very far away up right to left diagonally down right

Departure Direction: to the right underneath the sky

Witness Direction: the moon was against my back south west of me

Description: At 5:30 I could not sleep so I decided to look with my rather highly magnified camera at stars in prematurely lightened sky. To see some of the airplanes I had to zoom in all the way to take a good look at it. As I was gazing at a distant airplane I turned my camera to the left and saw the hugest eye shaped light with very sharp corners it was about a fouth of the moon, and as bright at least. I was about to take a picture of it when my camera jammed on me when I finally fixed it, it was gone. The whole thing was blazing white and by far was larger then the average airplane. I've never seen something ever so unusual as the huge speedy object I saw.

Color/Shape: bright as the moon, like a fat eye shape, with sharp corners at each end

Height & Speed: way faster than any airplane, it was at least many cities away

TV/Radio/Press: I wouldn't think so, it was early in the morning.


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