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UFO Sighting Report - USA

October 17th 2006 : Oakland, California

Oakland, California An Oval And Triangle Sighting

Date: October 17, 2006
Time: 2:00 pm and 10:26 pm

Location of Sighting: 580 freeway, 880 freeway.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1 each time.
Shape of objects: Oval, triangle.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, while driving on the 580 freeway headed North, on a perfectly clear sunny cloudless day, about 70 degrees, I glanced up and noticed a small flying object in the sky. I was actually the passenger and my brother was driving.

The reason I noticed the flying object is firstly, I am always looking four them, and secondly it was roundish, like an oval, and very, very white, fluorescent white. On spotting it, I started ruling out that it was a UFO. My second mind was already telling me, it was too white, I don't see any visible wings or body, or tail, and it looked like a flying stumpy grain of rice.

It appeared to be a little higher than, a Cessna would fly, and about five miles away from us in a clear blue sky. We were headed North and it was slowly going across my field of vision from West to East. I figured as slow as it was going, we would catch it eventually and I could get a better look. As I was watching it slowly seem to be turning and I thought I would see it from a different angle, but it just confirmed it's UFO status by going 'POOF' right in front of my eyes.

I hate when they do that in miles and miles of clear blue sky. My eyes were still glued to the spot where I was looking, but there was nothing there. When I thought it was turning, it might have been imploding, because it did not move from the spot, but what I thought was a turning process was never completed. It just got smaller and smaller and was gone. Not away, because I would have seen it go. It disappeared like an old black and white TV screen would do back in the day. Big screen, down to a holding dot, then the dot plinks out.

Next sighting below:

I was feeling pretty antsy that day later, so I decided to go to Bingo. I got out at 10:00 pm, and was on the 880 freeway going home, headed South. I noted, since my brother was driving, a brilliant, sparkler brilliant light, in the distant, dark, cloudless night sky. This light was 'Orb' bright, so I paid attention to it, as we were headed for it on the freeway. It was going in the same direction as the white oval I had seen earlier on the same day, from West to East. As we manipulated some cross streets, and buildings I lost sight of it, and thought that is that. But upon re-entering the freeway headed South I saw it was still lingering in the sky so it had to be going quite slowly.

The light was at least five miles away and approaching, but it was huge, it appeared to be as big as a street light would be if it were just a block from us. I started my watching to rule it out as a UFO. The huge orb seem like it was turning, and was starting to dim, though I couldn't see a shape yet, I knew it had turned sideways, but it was still in the same spot. Now the dimmer orb light was facing East and a tiny, tiny Kelly green light was a small distance from it, intermitted flickering. Not regular blinking like a plane, more like a light with a bad electrical connection.

As it angled again, I saw 2 tiny red lights, along the body? I say body because at this distance all I saw was dark, and the lights in it, as it approached. Red, green lights, big white light, ok it's a plane? We were now about 1/2 a mile from it and it was flying a lot lower like a 747 coming in for a landing I knew we would cross it's pass and I would get a better look.

Funny thing is the closer it got, it didn't look right. It didn't look like anything I could recognize. It now had two orb lights shining from the side, which means they were facing me, going South, as the thing flew East. It looked odd. The lights weren't blindingly bright anymore, but they were large like car headlights in the sky. As this pile of lights passed on my right, I couldn't figure out which was the head or tail of this plane. It was close enough, about 500 feet up, for me to see it, but I still could not see it.

Then the lights seemed to bank and tilt a bit away from me, and my jaw dropped! The small red and green lights were on the top, and at the tail and sides of the thing. When it banked East, I could see a lead orb in front underneath, and two back lights, the same size, equally spaced on either end, a perfect triangle. Now it passed low enough for me to see it was darkish grey, and kind of bluntish rounded like a lozenge, and yes, in the middle belly was a very soft amber light, circular, and out rounded like a grapefruit cut in half. It was not bright. It was like it had been toned way down with a dimmer switch. The other lights were now not as bright as well. It was flying over a very populated area of Oakland.

It was the size of a 747, no sound, it was close enough to have made a loud roar if it was a plane. There were no wings, just the solid triangle shape. It was not flat though, it was thick and grooved all the way around it, like a 'Vicks' cough drop!

All of my 'freeway' sightings are within 10 miles of the Oakland Airport, and I think there is some sort of military something's in the area. Not sure about that. It was going about 10 miles an hour, but steady. Had I been driving I would have gotten off the freeway and followed it on the street. It wasn't trying to be evasive, but we were headed in the opposite direction and I could only crane my neck so far staring at it! My first triangle! There is no mistaking when you see one!

PS: I never tell my brother when I am seeing these things. He knows I am looking at something, but he can't look and drive, so I don't tell him, until after it's gone, what I saw. If the sighting ever gets that good, I'll make him pullover! When we got home a real huge 747 flew over our parking lot, very low, very noisy. I could see the flashing lights on the wings, I could see the distinct fuselage and tail. But, on no plane have I ever seen a huge circular belly light, or large white under lights under the nose tip, or wing and tail tips and this plane was huge.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research