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UFO Sighting Report - USA

October 18th 2006 : Austin, Texas

Location: Austin/Texas/United States

Date: 10/18/06 1:20 a.m.

Approach Direction: The object was headed south (example... parallel to Mopac South Hwy, but not over Mopac...just as a directional guide).

Departure Direction: The object then turned slightly to a southwest direction.

Witness Direction: We were facing the east and the object came from our left line of sight.

Description: As we were entering our apartment complex, we parked our car and stepped into the street, intending to cross over it toward our apartment. We took a minute and stood in the middle of the street to look up at the stars, just admiring our surroundings. At the time I (Autumn) was facing the North and Erik was facing the East. He pointed out the object, saying "Look, what is that?" I turned and we saw the object moving faster than a commercial plane, but making absolutely no sound, in a south direction. Then,when the object was at a certain point above a specific tree (from our line of sight) it turned slightly heading more a westerly direction and looked as if it were moving parallel to the top edge of our apartment building. We both turned and started running to the west keeping our eyes on the object. It began to pick up speed as we were starting to run. Then, unfortunately, a large tree obscured our view and when we passed the tree the object was no longer there. It was almost as if it had vanished.

Color/Shape: The shape was that of an obtuse triangle, with round (slightly elliptical) faint lights lining the triangle (possibly 8-10 on the whole air craft). They were of a soft blue - grey (somewhat fluorescent) color and they were alternating brighter and dim. The actual color of the object is unclear to us, because we concluded that the lights are really what defined the shape. The body almost blended in with the black night sky and had a hint of grey to it.

Height & Speed: Relatively low to the ground, maybe 500 ft. and was flying faster than a civilian airliner (but keep in mind that the object was lower to the ground than a civilian airliner). It doubled its speed as it was departing and then vanished, or we just lost sight of it.

TV/Radio/Press: To the best of my knowledge the sighting has not been reported.