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UFO Sighting Report - USA

November 8th 2006 : Goodyear, Arizona

Location: Goodyear, Arizona, USA

Date: 7:40 P.M 8:00 P.M

Approach Direction: South / West direction of Estrella Mountains, coudl see them form the I-10 exit & Cotton Lane Road.

Departure Direction: disappeared

Witness Direction: South.

Description: Was driving down I-10 and exited off the freeway on Cotton Lane, drove south towards the floating light, 2 lights looked like circles in the sky, no blinking, no pulsing, just steady light, a bright glow, almost like street lights fro ma distance, but higher. I stopped at home and grabbed my video camera, and recorded them, got back in the car and they disappeared.

I have footage on DVD

Color/Shape: Soft yellow/ white ord looking lights, there were 2 light clsoe together.

Height & Speed: Not moving, jsut floating, could have been traveling north, but in the Souther sky of Goodyear toward Buckeye. Perhaps clsoe to Hiway 85 MC 85