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UFO Sighting Report - USA

December 2006 : Satsuma And Rabun, Alabama

Satsuma And Rabun Alabama Amazing Sighting

Date: December 2006
Time: Daylight sighting.

HBCC UFO Research Note: The witness who sent in the footage and below report I did speak to on the telephone today (June 6, 2007) and interviewed the fellow for the radio show I host called the "Vike Report" The witness related some amazing sightings, one was a classic Black Triangle craft which was right in front of him. His interview will be aired on June 17, 2007 which is a Sunday night, check the HBCC UFO Research website for the time for the show in your area.

Brian, I wanted to pass along some more footage of the sighting which to place back in December of last year. I had sent you part of that video but in the second half I tried to zoom in on the object . Anyway I'm attaching the video to this email. Here is a still from it showing two other objects passing by at high speed.

Brian, I have seen way too much when it comes to strange stuff. Remember the UFO Gulf coast flap from 1973? My sister, brother and I followed the big ball of light in the sky all the way into Mississippi one night. As did hundred's of other people. That was my first encounter. Then in 1995 while living in Rabun, Alabama I had a sighting of three red-orange balls of light. They hovered for hours about 100 yards behind my house. I made my wife come out to see these. To say she got scared would be an understatement.You may not believe this but I spent several hours that night out in the yard with my gun. They were still there when I retired at 11:00 p.m.. The next morning at 5:30am they were gone. Later in 2002 I had the honor (if you can call it that,maybe a curse instead) of seeing a black triangle. I watched this craft glide in and hover for several minutes at a distance of 500 feet at an alt of 200 feet or less. This caused me to buy a camcorder, and later two digital cameras, one of which is a SLR. Its hard to see something like this and have no way to prove it such as video/pics. This sighting gets to me more than any other that I have had. I really want to capture this craft on video. I think about this sighting quite often.

In the spring of 2004 (in Rabun) I was out in the yard at around 3:00 p.m. watching the air traffic that would pass by from time to time. I had my camcorder and was facing west. This is the direction from my location that aircraft pass by me in a north/south direction. Looking behind me I noticed my dog getting to close to the road so I called for her to come back. When I turned back around to the west I was blown away by what I saw. There just above tree height at a distance of about 1000 feet was a blue-white ball of light just sitting there. This thing slipped up behind me when I had my back turned! It sat there for several seconds then shot off to the west away from me at high speed and was gone. It was the size of a half dollar at arms length. I never thought about the camcorder. I didn't have enough time to power it on before it was gone anyway. I was in a state of shock. There are some strange things going on in this world and I have seen more that my share of it. The hard part is keeping it all inside with no one to talk to about it.

Image from video

Image from video

Image from video

Video in report Click Here for Video Footage Video in report

Thank you to the witness for the report, photos and footage. The photos and footage and be viewed at the HBCC UFO Research website.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]