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UFO Sighting Report - USA

December 5th 2006 : 146th Street, Noblesville, Indiana

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: 146th Street, Noblesville, Indiana

Date: 12-5-06 1:30A.M. - 2:00A.M. Local Time

Approach Direction: Southwest

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: SouthWest

Description: I was looking out in the sky in my room and i seen a bright light, it was moving slowly and it stopped then it just hovered there for a minute or so then it started to speed up, it went faster and it disappeared until i looked a little harder to the east more, and there was these dim lights and it flew away. Then a little later i seen two bright lights it looked like one was following the other, the one that was following the other disappeared, the other was still flying at an average speed til it flew away. A little longer i seen something that looked like a jet or a plane with dim lights when it went to the east further the lights got brighter, so then it disappeared.

Color/Shape: It was a bright light like a street light, i couldn't Identify the objects shape.

Height & Speed: Speed and height was unknown.

TV/Radio/Press: It was not reported on the TV or Radio to my knowledge.