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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Early 2007 : Iowa City, Iowa

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Iowa City, Iowa USA

Date: Almost a year ago

Time: 4:30 maybe 5:00 am slightly light

Number of witnesses: Just me and my brothers girlfriend to my knowledge

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Like a dinner plate/disk/frisby like.

Weather Conditions: Clearly can see surroundings!

Description: Coming from Coralville into Iowa City on my way home, I'm in the passangers seat talking to my brothers girlfriend about an event that had took place earlier that day. As we approach the Iowa City overpast near the hospital I notice up in the left hand sky about 20 30 feet above trees, what at first seemed to be a plane or somthing. I didn't really think anything of it but I kept my eyes on it as she continued to speak to me.

At this point i'm a bit concerned because I'm seeing a red light but, it's not in sequence. I'm thinking all the air crafts that I've ever seen in my life had flashing lights, maybe it's just me. Anyways after about 45 sec to a minute maybe less with mind blowing speeds this object/ufo or whatever shot foward a great distance, this is when my brothers girlfriend was like "did you ******* see that" then it came back to it's original position then flipped a sideways 360 perfectly and at the strangest angle smoothly in great view came over to the right of the her vehicle and then out of sight behind the hospital buildings.

The way that this object manuvered was unexpalinable. I know that it has the ability to adjust is speed extremely. The red light underneath don't know what thats all about. All I know is that we seen this crazy **** I watched Larry King Live saw the progaram, visited this web sight here I am. One thing I would like to say is no I'm not a trained observer but whether anyone believes me or not I have a witeness and I feel like I know the truth regardless of objection. I'm a believer now and will remain one! Thank you for listening whoever you all are so long.