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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 2007 : Mera Mesa, San Diego

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: mera mesa area a suberb of san diego 1 mile north of fighter town mairamar air station where top gun was filmed, san diego ca delephinus st where i was finishing some yard work.

Date: 2:30-3:00 pm saturday last week or so of january 2007.

Approach Direction: this unknown object was stationary!!

Departure Direction: never seen its departure

Witness Direction: i was facing north east towards lake mairmar.

Description: i will do my best. i was putting my tools in the back of my truck and getting ready to close my tail gate when i took a gulp of my gatoraid and noticed a what appeared to be a huge blanket in the sky!! at first i thought there was a dust devil that had carried some debrie high up in the sky then i noticed there was no wind at all it was unusually calm? so then my next thought was a parachute, or a kite , may be a blimp making a wild turn u know the way they do a sharp corkscrew turn but there was no gondola,or noise of the engines,all of these thoughts in a matter of 8 seconds or so were running through my mind, so i did not take my eyes off it,this object was the size of a old drive in screen. like the ones at the drive in theaters, that is how i seen this (thing) or how my brain could relate it to , this object was constantly changing shape!! im trying to carfully discribe to you what i seen, as best as i can by the way my vision is 15-l/20-r never wore glasses or contacts,and i dont drink liquor or do drugs? this thing moved like a giant flag waving in the wind its altitude was about 700 feet i guess at times it seemed higher may be lower at other times very unusual also it would stop waving at times and appear to look like a huge slab of cement!! thats the best discription i can discribe, also the color would change from a light peach color i think that this might be the reflection of the sun because of the angle it was at and the sun setting in the appeared to be amber colored for the most part. i hope you read this with an open mind and can understand that i am reporting to you what i expierienced, is the truth and hopfully ill stop thinking about it all the time thank you for listing to my expierince, D. J. M.

Color/Shape: the size would be simular to a drive in theater screen that is the best discription i can give !!!!

Height & Speed: 700/1000 feet or so

TV/Radio/Press: i did not read the paper or watch the news that week end i would not be a bit surprised. there was a incident at north island navel airstation of a unknown air craft hovering in restricted air space for a unusually long period of time. 3 or so weeks ago!!! that was documented as far as i know?

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Speaker icon Interview by Brian Vike Speaker icon 11 minutes - 5.04Mb MP3 File

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up interview.]