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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 6th 2007 : Goose Creek, South Carolina

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Goose Creek, SC, USA

Date: 01/06/07 between 20:00 and 20:45 EST.

Approach Direction: Southwest

Departure Direction: Northeast

Witness Direction: Followed from Southwest to Northeast

Description: Went to the backyard with dog, when I felt the urge to look up. Coming from the South over the pine trees was a very bright amber light. I called my son and his friend and they ran back. I pointed out the light and told them I thought it might be the ISS. We watched as it crossed the sky from one end to the other. The sky was without clouds that night and no lunar interference. My son's friend tried calling his dad but couldn't get through, to witness it. Commercial flights use this same track at times, but not that night. I went on the web to verify my ISS sighting with NASA's J-Track but found that the ISS was not due over our area until next morning at around 05:00 am. I have not told the boys yet. But we all did notice how it was amber and round. No flashing lights of any kind and no navigational lights either. We figured it was so high up we couldn't see them. Commercial and military craft are over our home on a daily basis, this was neither. I am a retired Navy Electronics Technician, qualified Lookout and used to observing various types of military, commercial and experimental craft.

Color/Shape: Color: Bright Amber
   Shape: Round
   No blinking, no navigational lights, too high to notice sound if any.

Height & Speed: Height: Possibly three or more miles higher than commercial air traffic
   Speed: Faster than normal commercial air traffic
   Direction of travel was on a direct uninterrupted line of flight.

TV/Radio/Press: The sighting was not reported to the media by us. Research showed no one else reported it either.