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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 7th 2007 : West Milford, New Jersey

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: West Milford, NJ

Date: 07/01/07 Sunday, 3pm approx, local time

Approach Direction: One object approached from the SW, the other from the NE, toward eachother

Departure Direction: One object departed to the SW, the other to the NE away from eachother.

Witness Direction: N/NE

Description: While visiting with friends in my front yard, I saw two "specks" in the sky that were identical. I only saw one first, but looked for others...They traveled extremely high (beyond the height of the highest airplanes, as we are on the flight pattern to Teterboro airport, Newark Liberty, and the NYC airports as well.)They were on the same course from eachother in the exactly opposite direction. I photographed one object digitally, but the quality is poor. I was, however, able to see clearly that the object DID NOT resemble the shape of any aircraft (confirming what I saw). Of this I am certain. Actually, it was round, but not flat. It was not reflective (like chrome shining in the sun) but flatly lit but white or light grey. One friend with me saw one of the two objects, the others didn't. I had on 50s vintage sunglasses with POLARIZED lenses and contend that these were the reason I could see what no one else could, plus I have perfect eyesight. This was my first sighting ever, and I was very excited and thrilled!

Color/Shape: light grey or white, round and dimensional, but not flat. Not reflective, just a flat color. NO SOUND, NO CONTRAIL, traveling in straight, but opposite directions at a very fast and steady speed...Absolutely not in the shape of an airplane!

Height & Speed: Higher than the highest plane coming through on the flight path to all local NYC airports, and aircraft "just passing through."

TV/Radio/Press: Didn't hear anything in the local media.