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UFO Sighting Report - USA

January 23rd 2007? : Greensboro, North Carolina

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Greensboro, NC, USA

Date: 5:55pm EST

Approach Direction: Object appeared to be falling straight down from sky

Departure Direction: Object disappeared into the horizon

Witness Direction: I was driving east

Description: I suddenly noticed an object, at 45 deg or so in sky, which was falling straight down. It appeared to be on fire. At first I thought "meteor", but it was so large and seemingly close, I figured it couldn't be that. Then I thought it might be a plane. It definitely appeared to be on fire (versus "glowing").

I watched it fall for about 4-5 seconds, and was sure I'd be hearing a boom or see smoke, but didn't.

I was about 5 miles north of downtown Greensboro, heading east.

Color/Shape: Irregular shape; part was dark and part appeared to be on fire.

As far as size, I'm thinking that if I held my thumb up in the air in front of eye, the thumb pad would maybe just have covered the object. It seemed like it was close (maybe a couple of miles away), but I suppose it could have been further.

Height & Speed: (see description above)

TV/Radio/Press: called police Tues night, and one newspaper and one tv station on Wed, but no other reports