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UFO Sighting Report - USA

February - March 2007 : Hell, Michigan

Hell, Michigan Lights One Elongated/Oval

HBCC UFO Research Note: If anyone else who is residing in the Hell, Michigan area who has been witnessing these sightings, would you please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at Thank you. Maybe we can get to the bottom of what these folks are witnessing.

Date: Last two months or more. (February - March 2007)
Time: Dusk until ?

Location of Sighting: High above the sky's between Ann Arbor and Hell, Michigan.
Number of witnesses: 8
Number of objects: 1-10
Shape of objects: Lights/one elongated/oval.

Full Description of event/sighting: I have been witnessing something in the western sky (mostly) for weeks. Consistently. I have had many of my family members and some friends observe these sightings as well. I am only asking what is going on? I check in on reports on many UFO sights and have finally relented to submitting this as I am noticing some stories are exactly like or very similar to my own experience. Many are coming from southeastern Michigan.

I live in Hell, Michigan. A bit northeast of Ann Arbor. I swear I am not exaggerating any of this. I am going to give you the major and constant sighting and add a few notes afterward.

In the evening hours, at dusk a bright star appears in the western sky. It is a brilliant white star. It usually appears (I've not seen it fade in, and believe me, I watch for it) at about 25 degrees to begin with, then will move to about 40 degrees in the western sky. I, as well as my witnesses assumed it was a brilliant planet, or star, however, it moves. It is not stationary or in the same area, just the general position in the sky each night. It basically hovers and will slowly descend or ascend or move slightly toward magnetic north, and back. I have only seen it move away or fade away into the WNW twice. It will stay in the sky for hours. It has been appearing almost every night for no less than one month. I observe this "star" with binoculars. It seems to have a teal or blue green tinge to it sometimes. It also seems to change shape, like it is fluid. I have also noticed it form an "o"...hollow out, so to speak, keeping it's brilliance but assuming a dark center. Some evenings it pulsates, bright to brighter, not strobing, or flashing on an off. If this were a satellite, it needs re-programming as it is not stationary and it does not follow any set route. It is sporadic in its altitude and the length of visibility is not consistent. It has not been in the sky on average once a week.

Along with this object orange, or red-ish orange satellites are often present. They seem to approach this light from all directions. The busiest I've witnessed was one evening when I counted no less than seven smaller, different sized objects in the sky at once. Twice. So the commencement of these "fleets" from all directions occurred twice in one evening. While observing these objects through binoculars the orange-ish lights behave unlike anything I am accustomed to seeing in the sky. I can focus on one and while I watch it, it will blink out at reappear still within my sight but not where it was. Almost as if I were seeing flashing lights dispersed around a larger object. I have not seen anything solid between the points were these lights appear. It is almost as if they are moving in and out of a veil. Or one step forward, two back. I get the notion they may either protect this brighter star, or it is a homing point for them. I have also watched the smaller lights merge into one another, or meet and one just disappears. Occasionally I see someplace around the "satellite" orbs an oval display of blue/white small, definitely undetectable without binoculars, spinning at a specific distance. Meaning, these spinning ovals stay in one area. We have heard military jets zoom this area at very strange times in the very late evening into the early morning hours. One occasion got us out of bed as it sounded as though it were going to crash into the house! It made our chests vibrate and we watched in awe some kind of jet approach from east, fly over us to the west, turn and come back, circle the area toward the east again though not out of sight then take off and disappear into the southwest. It was patrolling or something....we just don't get that activity in these parts. I have also observed this light in the eastern sky, at about forty degrees, and beginning much earlier than the western sky object. This, too, has the orange/red satellites but not as many. About six weeks ago after checking on it ( eastern sight) it suddenly, and without noise quickly and purposefully moved off to the north until it was lost behind the tree line. It returned later that evening around one a.m.

This past Saturday (March seventeenth) I did a check out my bedroom window (east) as there was the regular activity in the other direction already. To my amazement I watched a blueish/green/white light approaching just above the tree line moving due south and descending behind the trees. I was using my binoculars although they wouldn't have been needed as it was that close (less than quarter mile) and I could still see it moving just behind the trees and then it stopped. I was sober. If Id not seen it in the sky I would have convinced myself that a car was driving in the woods (where there isn't a road) and stopped with its lights on. A curious note about this light is that it was elongated vertically. Within one minute a second followed the same course however once it went behind the tree line it was just gone. The first could be seen pulsating in the trees for thirty minutes.

I live in a residential but rural area (we are on a lake) and I know my neighbors are already wondering who the heck I'm watching so I cannot observe for long stretches of time, fearing someone will call the police. I have to check throughout the night.

This is a very, very small town and a everyone knows everyone community. I know I cannot be the only person on this lake witnessing these events. The glowing star is out again tonight. I watch the constellations moving past it. I know it isn't a plane. I don't sleep too well anymore. I am amazed, intrigued and want to know what is going on!

I have other details and events I would love to share but I'm not sure how this will be taken so I'll stop with this.

At last years fourth of July celebration (2006) in my neighborhood my neighbor and I witnessed a silent jet-like ship approach from the northeast, whiz past us, below the smoke of the fireworks, and then it was just gone.

Chemtrails are becoming a common thing in our sky's. The weather gets real squirrelly afterward, too. The trails are lain mostly in the direction of the bright star. Many last for hours while real clouds move past them. Several recent lasting trails were shaped like large commas, one day, then two of the same shape, one atop the other, the following day. These commas did not dissipate for an entire day.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]