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UFO Sighting Report - USA

February 13th 2007 : Woodland Hills, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Woodland Hills, CA - USA

Date: Tuesday, February 13th - 5:15pm PST (local time)

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: East

Description: My vantage point was from outside my office in Woodland Hills, CA. I noticed a large (747) FedEx jet flying over my office and I thought it was strange for such a large jet to be headed towards Burbank Airport, as this airfield is generally for smaller commercial aircraft.

As I watched to see if the plane would turn into the landing pattern for Burbank Airport, I noticed a bright point of light in the cloud directly behind the FedEx jet. At first I only saw one object then I noticed there were at least 2 others. The lights I saw were an amber color. Almost as if the object was reflecting the setting sun to the west. I believe I saw 3 distinct objects. But they were only visible as a group for a short period of time. Each point of light would vary in intensity. From very bright (they seemed to expand as the light got brighter), to barely visible. The lights had to be quite bright because the objects were clearly visible while being either in the cloud or behind it. And the cloud itself was rather dark.

Now, these lights were moving in some rather strange patterns. I would describe the flight patterns as parabolic. They would move in one direction and perform what I would describe as a 'U-turn' and move back in the other direction. These 'U-turns' were executed at a high rate of speed. At one point I saw multiple lights performing these manuevers. It resembled two squirreles chasing each other around and up a tree.

At one point one of the lights was performing the parabaolic maneuver (on an off axis) and it stopped in its tracks. It hovered in that position for roughly 10 seconds. Then without a noticeable acceleration period, continued the maneuver at the same high rate of speed.

All of the movement I witnessed was at a relatively high rate of speed. I would estimate the altitude to be about 10,000-15,000 feet and the distance from myself to the objects at about 20 miles. I have never seen an object in the air travel this fast or manuever like these objects did.

At no time were these objects visible outside the the cloud that was moving past.

The whole episode lasted 8-10 minutes. At which point the cloud had changed its shape and had moved off into the distance and the objects were no longer appearing. They may have still been there but the cloud had thickened and may have obscured the view at that point.

NOTE TO SITE - Please contact me if any other sightings were reported around this time.

Summary - Bright points of light in the sky executing manuevers that conventional aircraft (at least any aircraft I am aware of) could not. Executing these manuevers at a high rate of speed and stopping/starting on a dime.

Color/Shape: Amber colored round object. Seemed to be reflective.

Height & Speed: (altitude) 10,000-15,000ft - (speed) Hard to say.. I have never seen anything travel this fast, especially something that was 20 miles away. I would estimate it over 1000 mph.

TV/Radio/Press: Not that I have seen/heard.