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UFO Sighting Report - USA

April/May 2007 : Clover, South Carolina

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: clover, south carolina united states

Date: april-may, thursday 9:00 pm, it got dark early. 2007

Approach Direction: it was coming from the east heading toward the west.

Departure Direction: it didn't

Witness Direction: there were two witnesses. south

Description: My friend was over at my house,and it was geting late so we had to take him home.My dad was getting into his truck so he didn't see. He lives down the street from me. So my friend and i were getting into the back of the truck. I got back there first, then as my friend was getting into the truck, i looked up at the sky just to look at the stars, then from nowhere this oval flying object flew across the sky faster then a jet, then it went in a zig-zag down then back up, then took off, it just disapeared in a blink of an eye. I hurry and told my friend to look and he saw 5 seconds of it right before it dissapeard instently in the sky. I hurry and told my dad and he didn't believe me so i never told anyone until now.

Color/Shape: I couldn't see the color because it was night time.The shape was oval and very ,very big.It had lights just going around the side.The light was neon green and yellow.I could hold my hand out and it was about 1½ feet.It was level with the top of the tree.

Height & Speed: It was even with a 15 foot tree.It went faster then a jet.It zig- zaged down then back up like a hummingbird flys.

TV/Radio/Press: It wasn't.