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UFO Sighting Report - USA

April 24th 2007 : Round Mountain, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: round mountain Ca usa

Date: 4/24/2007

Approach Direction: in the northern sky

Departure Direction: north

Witness Direction: north

Description: I was sitting outside and I noticed this orange light in the sky. I was watching it move all around.So I called out my daughters and we watched it for about 45 min. It was heading over the trinty alps. It would slowly move up and then down,zig-zag up,looping a couple of times(when it would loop it would leave a trail of light. Then it just kept going north until we just couldn't see it anymore.I know that we are not the only ones that have seen these lights lately. They have been in our area for about 3 weeks now.

Color/Shape: orange round with the naked eye. My daughter looked at it through binoculars and said that it was oval.

Height & Speed: I have no idea how fast it was going but it did leave a couple of light trails when it would do its loops.

TV/Radio/Press: Not reported, will continue to watch the skies ourselves though.