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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 12th 2007 : Little Rock, Arkansas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Little Rock, AR USA

Date: 5-12-07, 11:00 PM south central

Approach Direction: I never saw it aproach.

Departure Direction: south west

Witness Direction: west

Description: I saw a strange light that had a odd orange glow. I thought it was a star or a planet until it suddenly jumped from one place to the next. I on the south bank of the Arkansas river. This object started to descend and the light went out when it approached the tree level. There were know other stars that were as visible as the object in question under the city lights that night. There was no noise our flickering of track lights like on an airplane. There is always alot of ufo activity in Little Rock as seen in this area of the sky in the summer and fall. There is also an airforce base right outsied of North little Rock. Have you heard of any Ufo activity (other than the mistaken weather baloon report) in this area?

Color/Shape: dull orange. It had a strange glow like a translucent light bulb. Not like a headlight. It made it's descent in a northwest direction.

Height & Speed: It was still for the most part untill it jumped to the right at a blink of the eye. It's height was ablout the height of a helicopter.

TV/Radio/Press: No reports of ufo this night.