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UFO Sighting Report - USA

May 29th 2007 : Roanoke County, Virginia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Roanoke County Virginia

Date: 05/29/07 9:20 PM EST

Approach Direction: Object came from the east

Departure Direction: Moving toward the west

Witness Direction: I was facing the southern sky

Description: My mom and I were out on the back deck. She was sitting in a chair facing North. I was standing in front of her facing South. I happened to look up at this bright star in the southern sky and right at that time an object moving faster than anything I have ever seen flew across the sky. I could not tell the shape and I'm not sure how to estimate the height in the sky. It was not as high as space it was around cloud level. It only lasted a matter of maybe 2 seconds before it disappeared. The sky was mostly cloudy but it flew right in front of the bright star I had noticed.
I do live close to the Roanoke Airport but this was no plane or helicopter. There was no sound and it was way to fast. I have also seen meteor showers and shooting stars but this was neither.

Color/Shape: Not sure about the shape, it was moving much to fast to even guess. I did see a bright white light on the front part and a flashing red light on the back. There was no sound and no vapor trail behind it.

Height & Speed: Not sure about the height or speed. The height was about cloud level and the speed was unbelievable fast.

TV/Radio/Press: It just happen about an hour and 20 mins ago so nothing has been said.