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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June 21st 2007 : Clarklake, Jackson County, Michigan

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Clarklake, MI (Jackson County)

Date: 06/21/07 8:35pm EST

Approach Direction: disc - west cigar - unknown

Departure Direction: disc - east cigar - unknown

Witness Direction: northeast

Date: 2007-06-21 20:35:00
Date Precision: exact
Time of Event (Local Time):
Timezone GMT Offset: -0400
Time Precision: approximate
Timezone Name:
Duration of Event: 00:45:00
(Nearest) City: Clarklake/Jackson
State: Michigan
County: Jackson
Weather Factors:

Short Description of UFO Event: Repeatedly heard military helicopters and later photographed fast moving disc and cigar

Detailed Description of the UFO Event:

At approx. 7:55pm on Thursday, June 21st, I began to hear loud, military-sounding helicopters flying back and forth above my home. This occurred three times within ten minutes. I never did get up to look for them as I'm quite used to hearing helicopters flying between Jackson and the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn (I live between those two points, just beyond the nw edge of Clark Lake).

Finally, after the third time I grabbed my Sony DSC-H5 Cybershot (7+ Megapixel digital SLR). Nothing occurred between 8:10 and 8:30pm. I went outdoors and set my camera on a flimsy tripod to photograph the moon. I snapped a few when I became acutely aware of a presence. I began to snap pix into the sky with the camera with manual settings. I zoomed optically approx. 5x and had a 2x telephoto lens attached.

The zoom was not adjusted during the dozens of photographs I took into the sky...the FStop and 'shutter' speed were adjusted manually to shoot into the early evening blue sky.

The image with the blurry spot was taken first...I visually saw a black object flying west to east and caught one photograph of it before it disappeared behind the numerous trees on my property. It moved very quickly and its general swaying from side to side while travelling made me think of a balloon blowing in the wind. This was way too fast for that... The image with the cigar shaped object was one of many taken in quick succession (generally one to five seconds apart) but the only one with this object. I also photographed a commercial jet with the same zoom setting if you would like for me to send that one as a comparison. I did not visually see the cigar shaped object.

a closeup, cropped image of the cigar photographed can be viewed at my blog

TV/Radio/Press: no