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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 1st 2007 : Goose Creek, South Carolina

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States of America

Date: On 01/07/07 at about 2145 EST

Approach Direction: Approached from South going North

Departure Direction: North

Witness Direction: We were visually following it.

Description: I had been working with my son and his friend on my sons car. I decided to go in the house and let out our dog. The boys came into the house to clean up. All of a sudden I looked up and over the trees I saw an Amber light approaching. I went an called the boys out, I told them I think it is the ISS. My sons friend tried to call his dad butno one picked up. We observed the amber light for about aminute as it went across the sky. As soon as it disappeared over the horizon I went inside and looked up NASA's J-Track to see when the ISS was coming back next. To my surprise the ISS was not due over our sky until the next morning at 0545 EST. I did not tell the boys. Our home is close to two airports, so we are used to the lights and sounds. The sky was cloudless, a cool breeze in the air, low humidity, no moon. The object moved very fast with no navigational lights. Its brilliance was visible until it went over the horizon which is not usual for common aircraft. I have observed the ISS go over since, and it does not compare to what we saw.

Color/Shape: Its appearance was that of a star or planet, but many times larger. No blinking lights, round, and amber yellow. Moved fast in a straight line.

Height & Speed: Probably higher than a mile since I figured it to be at the same altitude as the ISS.

TV/Radio/Press: No reports found on media.