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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 5th 2007 : Fenton, Michigan

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Fenton, MI, USA

Date: 7/05/07 EST approximately 10:30.

Approach Direction: South

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: North

Description: I was watching fireworks just over the tree line from my office window. I presume it was one of the displays from one of the many lakes in the area. In the distance I saw a plane coming from Bishop airport area in Flint, MI coming southbound towards Fenton, MI and I thought to myself, "that plane is going to be flying right over the great would that be?!" I didn't give it another thought since we have planes coming and going all of the time. I continued to watch the fireworks. Approximately 10 minutes later, the "plane" was nearly over my subdivision and it was twinkling or swirling...not blinking, a very dark pink, almost red, and yellow. I then went outside to see it better. I called my husband out to see it and at first he thought it was a plane and then he agreed that it wasn't, but couldn't figure out what it was. There was no sound. When it was above us and slightly past our house, there was a small white flash off behind it, that was so brief, I almost didn't see it. My husband went inside, and it fizzled out approximately 20 seconds after he went inside. It just became a smaller pink dot and then disappeared. It was almost like a flare, but it must have travelled a least 10-15 miles. We are on a hill so we have fairly good sight distance-wise. I am not a flare expert, so it might have been, but it wasn't like any that I have seen before. Since there were a lot of people looking at the sky that night, so hopefully someone else will post.

Color/Shape: Twinkling, swirling dark pink and yellow. Blob, no particular shape. The fact that it was dusk made it easy to see that it wasn't plane shaped but it didn't have any other discernable shape either.

Height & Speed: Very high, at first thought it was a plane taking off from Bishop airport. By the time most planes reach us, they are at a fairly high altitude. Every now and again we get a low flying plane but this was not one of those. Those are usually during the day.

TV/Radio/Press: Not sure yet, it was only a half hour ago or so.