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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 27th 2007 : Monrovia, California

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Monrovia, California, USA

Date: July 27, 2007 10:00pm PST

Approach Direction: flightpath: west to east

Departure Direction: flightpath: west to east

Witness Direction: north

Description: My husband Dave & I went to WalMart (better friday night than saturday when everybody & their mom is there) and then to Home Depot to get some foam. I stayed in the car because he was only going to be in a few minutes. I was turned in my seat because Dave had parked facing away from the home depot, and toward the wall of a warehouse building --not too interesting to look at. My view was the parking lot and to the north, the 210 freeway (elevated). I saw the light of a helicopter flying somewhat low and slow, seemingly taking the route above the freeway --not unusual.

What I thought was strange was the color of the light, somewhat yellow-orange (rather than white with another color, either blue/green &/or red, typically blinking). It went pretty steady then slowed quite a bit almost directly north of me (mountains are such a good reference), like if the helicopter was hovering over a spot to investigate (also not highly unusual).

It started to move on again (always from west to east), but after it did so something seemed weird with the light. Ya know when you see a campfire from far away, or a star, that twinkling thing it does? Started to do that ever so slightly, then as if the fuse had run out, it sputtered a bit (no explosion). Considering the size of the light, a pretty large piece just fell off, but seemed to burn itself out before it hit(?) the ground. I called Dave on his mobile when i saw that but he was stuck in line.

At this point it looked like fire from far away, how it flickers heavily. I'd say within 30 seconds of this the light was gone, however I could still see an object flying steadily away. I got out of the car because it was going eastward and the building in front of me was going to obstruct my view. I watched it maybe for a minute more, then had to move again because the building and a tree where in my way. Lost sight of it after this and couldn't squint hard enough. After the fire (?) died out, it was like how an ember dies: dark but sometimes bits of brightness. I think that's why I could still see something.

The elevation was very horizontal, and that's why I can't figure this one out. If it were more vertical I would just say it was a meteor. This whole thing probably lasted only five minutes. anyway, weird eh?

Color/Shape: reddish

Height & Speed: approx 500 feet, slow but varied.

TV/Radio/Press: was not reported. husband wanted me to go into police dept & ask it there were any downed planes but I felt foolish.

[UFOINFO Note: The movement of the object, the flickering and a pice falling of makes it sound like a UFO ballon or lantern.]