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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 19th 2007 : Ogdensburg, New York

Ogdensburg, NY Facing Prescott, Ontario Strange Lights And Military Jets

Date: August 19, 2007
Time: 9:20 p.m.

Hello Brian, Munster Ontario One Yellowy/White Light On Each Object

Ok Brian, I believe I can give this story some corroboration number of witnesses to similar object 4 the time approx 9:20 pm. I was standing outside facing Ontario-Prescott, also the big dipper when I noticed at a distance a white light coming up the street. This time it was different, there was a second light that was fainter intensity of light moving at the same speed as the first one. The light continued to make the approach towards my house, as it did the lights got much brighter, at this time I hollered at my two boys that were playing Halo. They both came out and saw the lights to and were freaking out. So I asked one of them to grab the phone and I called my mother who is about 8 blocks from our house. I then ran out front of the house where I could get a closer look and when I did they were right over me following my street and when I looked at the lights the area in between was blurry like they were attached and if that's the case the distance between the lights were at least 150 feet between them.

My youngest son and I went in the car down to the local school and didn't see again. However, we did see 4 aircraft military jets fly over, my guess they were looking for the object. I then went over to my mothers house and she also saw the objects but they disappeared completely. She is now a believer in me about what I have seen. I looked at mapquest and Munster Ontario is in a straight line path to Ogdensburg, NY down the Canadian 416 to the border. The object moved over the city in 3-5 minutes not real fast, real smooth flight.


Hello Brian, updated I have a rough sketch of what I saw. I only have access to paint from Microsoft right now no AutoCAD program. I hope this sketch is enough information for your viewers to help with it's identification. I had just witnessed a number of weird objects and was in the process of heading in that night and all of sudden I had this white light object go over my backyard in the city and witnessed a major power-up. I then moved to the middle of my backyard that's fenced in and this is when I caught a glimpse of this object. It was completely silent and without lights and a matter of fact the craft was so low that the city's street lights were illuminating the object. I would guess that the object was at least two stories high minimum and over 3/4 of a city block long, it was incredible on it's side there was these circles and they were 3-D not flat on the object. All I can say is that we are in a small city and there's just a small airport here nothing military nearby less than 50 miles away, it was one of best and stirring sightings of this year, and I have seen quite a few this year. I hope other's have seen this object elsewhere.

Sketch of object seen by witness

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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